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    Celebrate your Special Day with Special Children

    The birthday parties. They have always been one of my favourite memories from childhood. Every year, without fail we would call all my friends over. Mom would cook up a feast, Dad would set up the decorations and we would play games till the sun went down. Looking through my personal childhood picture album, I…

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    Looking to Conceive?

    Almost every married couple has dreamt of their perfect family – a house full of fun and frolic, with children playing, learning and growing up. If you have a similar picture of the future in your head, this article is for you. There are many cases of couples who are looking to conceive, but are…

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    Get styled by the best in the business!

      Pioneering, inspirational and passionate – For more than 50 years, Toni & Guy has been renowned as an innovator within the hair industry, having grown from a single unit in Clapham, London to a multi-national company. This is a Multi-award winning hairdressing brand with more than 50 years of experience in education, superior client…

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  • Silk and Cotton Handloom and Handicraft Exhibition cum Sale by Kalakruthi.

      What is a handloom? Handloom is a weaving device that is operated by hand with manual labour. Handloom sarees are a traditional textile art of India. The production of handloom sarees are important for economic development in rural India. Completion of a single saree takes two to three days of work. Several regions have their own traditions…

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    Bright Children = Bright Future, @ SIP Academy India

    For children in the age group of 6 to 12 years, the growth potential is the most. This is the age group in which children learn at a rapid rate, become smarter, more creative and confident. SIP Academy targets students of these ages for the very same reason! SIP Abacus and SIP Amal are Scientifically…

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    Not able to hear as clearly as before?

      Hearing loss is a common health concern that affects over 36 crore people across the world. There are many reasons that bring about a loss of hearing, the main ones being as follows: Inherited Hearing Loss Hereditary hearing loss can be the result of a genetic trait passed down from a parent. Age Related Hearing…

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    Green Taj Restaurant, Sainikpuri.

      If you’re looking to take your family out for a pleasant, and flavor-ful dinner, look here. If you’re looking to feast on the different varieties of Hyderabadi Biryani, look here. If you’re looking for a restaurant that takes care of its customers in the most courteous way, look here! Green Taj Restaurant is a…

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