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Bright Children = Bright Future, @ SIP Academy India


For children in the age group of 6 to 12 years, the growth potential is the most. This is the age group in which children learn at a rapid rate, become smarter, more creative and confident. SIP Academy targets students of these ages for the very same reason!

SIP Abacus and SIP Amal are Scientifically Designed Multi Level Programs aimed at enhancing the memory and concentration levels in children. This enables them to excel in their academic pursuits along with all other areas of life.

With two batches available for children, based on their age group, SIP Abacus targets the following areas of growth:
– Listening Skills: The difference between hearing and listening is that the latter includes understanding what has been said. Children are taught to listen to lessons, and grasp more knowledge.
– Arithmetic Skills and Visual Memory: SIP Abacus uses an abacus to teach children Mathematics. Once children get used to the abacus concept, they do not require a physical abacus in front of their eyes anymore. Their visual memory is strengthened in such a way that they picture the abacus in their head, and can do complex mental math calculations at quick speeds!
– Retention and Recall: It is very common to see children grasp a topic on one day, only to forget its basics over the next few days. SIP Abacus strengthens the retention span in children through specific exercises that help the brain retain information successfully.
– Self Confidence: A smart child always grows up to be self confident. This course helps children grow into responsible, confident students.

Schools prepare the children for academic success, while SIP abacus prepares them for success in life. This statement can be validated by the fact that SIP Abacus has been awarded to be the “Best Skill Development Institute for Children in India, 2016”. Give your child the SIP experience, where they learn essential success skills in life. Bring them to the right place to improve their attention span, team working abilities, social skills, communication as well as creativity!


New Batches start from 16th June, Saturday.
SIP Malkajgiri branch has a 30% discount on registration fee for children that bring this advertisement along with them. Offer is valid for limited seats only, so hurry up!

Contact Details: 9989284428




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