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PAAC – Autism Activity Centre at sainikpuri

  Autism Activity Centre

PAAC-Regd No 630/2004B-192, Sainikpuri, Secunderabad-500094

Parents Association For Autistic Children Contact No; 040-27110749, 9440249399, 9247165760

Email: paac2004autism@yahoo.com Website : www.paacindia.org


Autism : A spectrum disorder affecting young children

PaacAutism is a neurological disorder and it should not be considered as mental Retardation. Cause for autism is not known although advanced research is happening in this area. Since there is no treatment but autistic children’s behavior can be modified by special education and engaging them in Activities of their special liking.

Autism Activity Centre an initiative of Parents association of autistic children is a unique a non-profitable organization specialized in handling autistic children and their special needs. The core objectives of PAAC is to expand the network of parents who have autistic children and extend counseling and special education services to the children and gradually mainstream them through behavior modification programs. Started in 2004 this model NGO has a network of about 60 members besides its affiliated professionals. The Autism activity centre located in sainikpuri currently has about 25 children who take part in various activities under the guidance of six members of the organization besides special educators and Occupational therapists since most of the families who have autistic children who are part of the network but cant come on a day to day basis PAAC provides home based services and invite them to participate in special seminars and events to enable them to socialize.


Activities of PAAC : Creating awareness in the society through workshops and counseling to parents and caregivers is the primary goal of this pioneering NGO besides that engaging children in specific activities as per their aptitude paying individual attention and conducting group activities like Dance, Music, Yoga, besides excursions to children for exposure. One noteworthy feature according to Mrs. Laxmi a Law graduate who is the core member of this NGO “ we focus more in upgrading our approaches by participating in various seminars and gain insight in order to design various innovative teaching methods for autistic children and integrating our services involving parents separates us from other bodies working with autistic children” concluded the active organizer in PAAC.

Vision: PAAC which is a 12 year old model NGO engaged in the welfare of autistic children aims to have a independent premises with whole range of facilities of high standards to enable children best of the exposure along with a vehicle for commutation, Besides a swimming pool and gym. PAAC welcomes donations from people who want to extend their support for such a cause. For details feel free to contact President Mrs. Lata George, or Secretary Mrs. G.Sharmila.




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