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Jagadguru Sriman Madhvacharya Mula Samsthan

  Sri Raghavendra Swamy Matam Mantralayam Venkateswarnagar    Malkajgiri-Phone No – 040 27052697

RGRaghavendra Swamy matam located in venkateshwar Nagar colony malkajgiri is one of the oldest matam which has been there before malkajgiri developed. This matam has worshipers of principle diety sri Raghavendra swamy who is revered by the madhva community besides all other orthodox hindu followers. All the activities including puja’s and special sevas are performed traditionally with strong adherence to vedic standards under the procedures laid down by the Mantralayam Samsthan.RG1

One of the important service that the temple extends is that besides the temple there is a facility adjacent to the temple where brahmins are allowed to perform Apara karma’s a traditional ritual in which every Brahmin offers special prayers to their pithru Devathalu for the happiness of their soul and blessings from them for their generations to prosper. As all brahmin families cannot afford to perform such rituals in their homes in the urban setting this matam over the years has been facilitating this service which is a note worthy feature of all Raghavendra swamy matams under the jurisdiction of Mantralayam.




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