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Vijaya Durga Pathanjali Store – Dammaiguda, Nagaram

Address : Near Water Tank, Nagaram Mobile: 9618666699

Vijaya Durga Pathanjali store is one stop shop near Dammaiguda which has wide range of pathanjali products related to  organic foods, Health and wellness products promoted by pathanjali which are very cost effective and good for health.

About Pathanjali : Pathanjali Ayurveda started in the year 2006 is the indigenous effort of sri Balakrishna and Yoga exponent, Baba Ramdev guru over the last decade this fastest growing indian FMCG has been creating a sensation in every part of india and overseas with lot of people showing profound inclination to all pathanjali mineral and herbal based products which have proven medicinal value.With the slogan “Prakriti ka Ashirwad” pathanjali manufactures close to 450 products including food and cosmetic products. Pathanjali Chikitsalaya is a nodal center providing holistic services to people covering all the programs like free consultation from a experienced Ayurvedic Doctor, free Yoga training, Low cost medicines compared to the alternatives in the market.




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