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Take up a Sport!

Now that we are at the end of the summer holidays for the younger generation, there is a lot of pent up energy that they will have. A great way for them to use that energy in the most rewarding fashion is to introduce them to the world of sports. For the youth, the benefits of playing sports can be summarised as follows:
• Reduced risk of Obesity: Children learn to eat good portions of food and maintain a healthy body weight.
• Increased Cardiovascular Fitness: The heart is also a muscle, and much like every other muscle in our body, its performance improves when it is trained. Playing sports improves the functionality of the heart by allowing it to get used to pumping more blood through the body.
• Healthy growth of Bones, Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons
• Improved Coordination and Balance
• Improved ability to physically relax and, therefore, avoid the complications of chronic muscular tension (such as headache or back ache)
• Improved Sleep: Children that play a sport on a daily basis tend to sleep much better at night, which helps the body to recover and grow.
• Mental health benefits, such as greater confidence and improved social skills.
• Improved personal skills, including Cooperation and Leadership.


On this note, the Zone Adds team wishes to introduce you to a few centres for sport that are close to your locality.
Palla Sports Centre for Badminton, Jammaiguda, Near Saket.
Palla Sports Centre is an indoor badminton academy that is built on high quality wooden flooring with a synthetic mat on top. The indoor lighting is set up as per International Standards, to ensure top quality training and matches. This Academy is running at a time when India is moving towards world dominance in the sport of Badminton, and hence has a lot of motivated players that practice regularly.

Palla Sports Centre has a Special Summer Camp that is currently going on. It takes place from 9am-12pm each day. Slots are still open for those interested!
-> 2pm-5pm is a professional coaching slot for the players that are close to making it big in the sport.
-> 5am -9am and 8pm-10pm are playing slots which are available to book on an hourly slot basis.
-> 5pm-8pm is another coaching slot for the year round coaching camp.
Get in touch with them right away if you are interested in joining their camp or booking a slot for yourself to play the beautiful sport!
Contact Details: 8096722034, 7013206060.
Location: Jammaiguda, Vampuguda Road, Hanuman Nagar Colony, Near Saket, Kapra.

Haas SPORTS, the Community Playground
Tired of the same boring summer camps every year? Try out this new summer camp with REAL playgrounds where your child gets to learns and play.
Sports coaching is available for children starting from age 4 years itself. An excellent playground with world class play equipment is used, which ensures safety of the children, and is also aesthetically very attractive. The attractiveness of the place makes each child keen on running around and playing. Experienced coaches are present at all times to make sure that the kids not only experience a world of fun, but also learn and grow from it.
Summer Camp is open for kids, which starts at 9am and goes on till 12:30pm. The activities open for the children on this camp include a Kids play zone, Cricket, Basketball, Football, Skating, Rock Climbing, and much more.
Book reading, quizzes, painting, drawing, music and dance complete the Summer Camp by bringing the children indoors to engage and stimulate their mental growth.
Camp has already started, so waste no time in getting in touch with the people in charge to enroll your kids!
Contact Details: 7330958813, 8978452842
Location: Behind Serenity Model School, Next to MYR Gardens Function Hall, Nagaram.




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