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A life that has been dedicated to Social Service.

This is the story of Mr. Srinivas Mogilipally, a resident of Bhoiguda, Secunderabad.

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When Mr. Srinivas was a young child in class seven, he spotted a person lying on the side of the road, in his own filth. A few passers by told him that the man had passed away. But the young Srinivas checked and found the man to still have a pulse. He proceeded to take a decision that would shape the course of his life- He picked up the unconscious man, washed him off, and took him to Gandhi Hospital, where he made sure the person got medical attention. The person, who was in a coma, woke up three weeks later to hear of this man that saved his life.

It was not an easy job to do, seeing that he could have ignored the person and gotten on with his life like everybody else. But he took a call on the situation, and upon helping the person out, felt a sense of fulfillment, satisfaction. This person, who was helpless and had nobody to care for him in his hour of need, found an angel, sent straight from god.

Mr. Srinivas then realized that there are so many more people who are out on the roads that have nobody to care for them. He began to spend more time on the streets. He kept an eye out for people who could use his help, and promptly began helping the needy. This was when he was still a young student in class 7, mind you.

Fast Forward to today, in 2018. Mr. Srinivas has not given up his noble work of helping the poor and needy. He helps out in primarily two ways. Firstly, he is an official in charge at the Gandhi Hospital. Whenever he finds anyone that is in need of medical help, he brings them across to the hospital. Secondly, for all the deceased or dead bodies that are lying on the street, he gives a proper cremation service. He has provided for over FOUR THOUSAND cremations over the past 26 years!

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One noteworthy cremation that he provided for happened to coincide with an important day in his life: his wedding day. Yes, when Mr. Srinivas was getting married, he received a call about a body that nobody had laid claim to. He proceeded to complete his marriage and then provide for a cremation for this said body. This only goes to show you the level of dedication that he has towards his calling in life.

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Upon enquiring about his source of income, Mr. Srinivas says that he is blessed to have a stable job as a car and bike sales agent. He earns enough to take care of his family of four, and to cover the costs of his social service. Upon adding up the total amount of money he has spent on social service till date, it sums up to nothing less than Rs.3 Crores. Yes, Mr. Srinivas could have been leading a luxorious life in a bungalow in Banjara Hills. But his dedication towards serving the needy is so much stronger than anything else. He lives in an extremely small, financially viable home in Bhoiguda, in order to accommodate for the costs of the life of a social worker.

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The “Real Vivek Foundation” is his NGO which acts as a front for his cause. It is named after his eldest son, who passed at the young age of five due to a medical condition in his heart.

If you believe that this man has been doing wondrous work in the society, then please do support him by supporting his Foundation in any way possible. Find their bank details in the image below.

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