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  • Jain Mandir – East Anand Bagh

     Lalwani Nagar, East Anandbagh, Opposite to Banda Cheruvu, Malkajgiri. All the followers of jainism in India belong to the sramana tradition. Although their population is large in numbers in the western and northern parts of India hyderabad too has a sizable population of Jain community. Traditionally they belong to the entrepreneurial class and as per…

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  • Organeek Stores – East Anandbagh

      Organeek Stores – Farmers at your store East Anand Bagh Near Domino’s Pizza The complete organic  Stores now in your vicinity Today  as many  families are becoming health conscious  and adapting healthy life style through exercise and healthy diet.  The concept of organic food is catching up at a steady pace among middle and upper…

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  • Sri Vallaba Ganapathi Brahmotasavalu celebrations – East Anandbagh

    East Anandbagh division Vasanthapuri colony residents celebrated the 22nd annual celebration in Sri Vallaba Ganapathi temple where three-day Brahmotasavalu started from Sunday 4th June 2017. Starting with the Ganapathi puja on the first day followed by Ashtothara Shatha Kalasa Avahanam, Ganapathi Homam, Ankurarpana, Dwajarohana, Laksha Kunkumarachana were some of the important rituals that were witnessed…

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