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Start Eating Millets – You Can See Wellness in Every Grain

Start Eating Millets – You Can See Wellness in Every Grain

Indians since many generations dating back thousands of years have been eating Millets as the main staple food in their diet. Millets are rich fiber which is very convenient to digest. Millets, such as pearl millet (bajra), sorghum (jowar), finger millet (ragi), foxtail millet (kangni), and little millet (kutki) can be cooked in many varieties with different yummy tastes. In India, millets have strong cultural and social origins. Additionally, millets have been a crucial component of India’s traditional farming practices for maintaining soil health and biodiversity. Additionally important to millet growing are government programs and awareness campaigns that seek to revitalize traditional agricultural methods and enhance the livelihoods of small-scale farmers. In Telugu one of the Indian Language Millets are called as సజ్జలు (Sajjalu), జొన్నలు (Jonnalu), రాగి (Ragi), కొర్రలు (Korralu), ఆరికలు (Arikalu). Whereas, in Hindi these are named as बाजरा (Bajra), ज्वार (Jowar), रागी (Ragi), कांगनी (Kangni), कोदो (Kodo).

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