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See Clearly, Learn Better – Students Get Your Eyes Checked

See Clearly, Learn Better – Students Get Your Eyes Checked :

As everyone knows Eye is the most important of our body.  The eye allows us to gather information about our environment, recognize faces, read, drive, and perform many activities in daily routines. Beyond its sensory function, the eye also serves as a window to our overall health, as certain diseases and conditions can be detected through eye examinations.  Unfortunately, students in India today are compelled to wear glasses since they are facing Sight-related eye problems at a very young age. Thus, it is necessary to organize periodic Eye Check up Camps in local areas and educational institutions to spread awareness and promote health consciousness among everyone involved. These camps, which address problems including squint, amblyopia, and refractive errors, are essential in promoting eye health among children. Early detection of visual abnormalities can help enhance learning results and avoid academic difficulties.

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