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Sree Lakshmi Ammavari Devalayam – Prashant nagar HB colony

Sree Maha Lakshmi Ammavaru Temple – Prashant Nagar HB Colony Phase-2

Temple Committee Chairman : Sri ShivaKumar Konda

Mahalakshmicha Vidmahe Vishnu Patnicha Dhimaye Thano Lakshmi Prachodayathu!!

Sri Maha Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of Fortune Wealth and prosperity  and wife of Lord Sree Maha Vishnu one among the trinity of gods. Generally any temple has the idols of various gods who are worshipped regularly by l1devotees but its rare to find a temple exclusively constructed to house Sree laksmidevi. This temple located in Prashant Nagar HB colony phase-2 has a interesting history  behind its construction according to the current Chairman of the Temple Trust Sri Shivakumar Konda in the early years of formation of HB colony phase-2 all the colony members felt that they should have a place of worship in the extra land that was allotted by the municipality.  After deep contemplation to finalize which temple to be constructed they sought the advice of well learned preists and Vaasthu pundits who surveyed the premises and advised the temple committee to take up the task of constructing a temple exclusively in the name of a female deity and by doing so the entire families living there will be blessed.

l2Since Lakshmi devi is a powerful goddess who can change the fortunes of mankind  without having a second thought  in the year 1998 the group of families in the colony  decided to construct a Lakshmi temple and with meager resources that were pooled they just placed a photograph of Lakshmidevi  and started worshipping her in a thatched structure with the blessings of the mother goddess and unstinted support of local families in the colony and other elders in prime positions the temple today is very popular in the locality. As years passed  the temple committee mobilized funds for developing the temple  and  the vigraha prathistapana (Idol Installation) was done as per vedic standards in the year 2002 .The idol of Sree Lakshmi Devi is very attractive seated  like a yogin on a lotus pedestal and holds lotus in her hand, a symbolism for fortune, self-knowledge and l3spiritual liberation. The  iconography of the idol in the temple shows her with four hands, which represent the four goals of human life considered vitally important  to the Hindu way of  life namely Dharma Kama Artha and Moksha. Every devotee who visits this temple can experience peaceful and vibrant energy upon getting a darshan of the goddess and the the Dwaja Sthambam at the main entrance is very attractive daily rituals to Lakshmi Ammavaru are performed by chief priest Sri Srinivasacharyulu who has been associated with the temple right from its inception.

For Pooja Seva and other details Contact Chief Priest Sri. Srinivasa charyulu : 9963690166




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