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Nalla Pochamma Temple is One Of The Oldest in Malkajgiri

Although Ujjaini Mahankali Temple in Malkagiri is one of the famous temples according to reliable sources Nallapochamma Temple is one of the oldest temples which was in existence for more than hundred years. Nallapochamma is believed to be the protector of farmers engaged in cultivating lands in Malkajgiri. The original idol was first recovered from a well where the temple exists today and from then all the residents during that time installed the idol and constructed a temple and started worshipping the mother goddess as Nalla Pochamma.

Nalla Pochamma Temple.

The local residents had a tough time to protect the sanctity of the temple during the Razakar movement but after the independence and end of Nizam rule peace prevailed and the temple committee never looked back as the temple developed with the blessings of the mother goddess and many families visit the temple on a daily basis. The Anthill in the temple premises is where people offer milk during the Nagula Chavithi which comes after Diwali and during the Bonalu festival women cook special food in an urn and first offer it to Nallapochamma and then proceed to the Ujjaini Mahankali temple in Malkajgiri this tradition is being followed even to this day.

The potter’s community referred as Kumari in the colloquial language are the ones who take care of all the day to day affairs related to the temple. Indeed this temple goddess is in the hearts of lakhs of residents who visit to seek the blessings of the goddess which has a glorious history




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