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Religious Places

Mahabodhi Buddha Vihara – Mahendra Hills


Address : Mahendra Hills, Secunderabad – 500026 Phone No: 040 –  27733161, 27733461

Email : mbshyd@mahabodhi.info

Mahabodhi Buddha Vihar at Mahendra Hills near East Maredpally is situated on  a beautiful sliding hilly location on the famous Addagutta  owing to its position at a high altitude one can get a picturesque view of the city. Buddha vihara serves the cause of Buddha Sasana its open for all people irrespective of whatever religion they belong to enjoy the serene ambience and tranquil atmosphere emanating positive energy and an ideal place for meditation and attaining inner peace. The Buddha vihara aims at helping people to understand the essence of Buddha’s teachings and enabling people to cope with day-to-day  life style disorders  like stress, depression, Anxiety and attain peace.

Mahabodhi Foundation Hyderabad is the latest affiliate of Mahabodhi society Bangalore it is an active thriving organization with six resident monks and 27 trainee monks. The vihara apart from providing spiritual guidance to the local Buddhists is engaged in providing spiritual guidance to the local Buddhists is engaged in spreading the Buddhasasana. This exemplary monastery was consecrated on 6th April  2003 by his Holiness The Dalai Lama and this is dedicated to Late venerable Ananda Mitra Mahathera  and the corner stone was was laid by Venerable K. Sangravikhita Mahathera on 30th April 1999.

Buddhist Festivities At Buddha Vihar

Important Buddhis festivals are celebrated in this place like Buddha Jayanthi  ( Birth and Enlightment and demise of Bhagawan) Buddha Kathina Civara (presenting robes to monks) Dhammacakka pavattana Day ( celebrating the day on which Bhagawan set the Dhamma in Motion)

Daily Programs At Maha Buddha Vihar

Morning  5:30Am to 6:00 AM Buddha Dhamma Sangha Vandana  – Sutta  Chanting

6:00 AM To 7:00 AM Bhavana or Meditation.

Evening  6:00 – 6:30 PM Buddha Dhamma Sangha Vandana  – Sutta  Chanting 6:30-7:30 PM Bhavana or Meditation  Beginners would be introduced to meditation in a structured manner and those who are already into it can practice on their own. If you wish to dedicate the merits of puja to your beloved ones in your family you may do so by talking to the monks.

Sunday Programs : If you are having a hectic week due to work pressure and other domestic pressures ideal place to visit during week – ends especially Sunday is Buddha vihar to experience a rejuvenated feeling by participating in puja and sutta chanting, undertaking percepts, Meditation dhamma discourse and interaction with the monks.

Group Teaching:

For  a group to learn what the dhamma has to say on a specific subject they can contact the monks but the group should consist of minimum five persons.

Introduction to Meditation: The first level program is about 8 types of basic Buddhist meditation and development of right attitude towards different situations in life. The program is for 12 hours, spread over 4 days between 3:00 PM To 6:00 PM.

Training Monks

Monks are trained in the Dhamma – Vinaya of Bhagawan Buddha to take the teaching s to people. It is the Bhikkkus or the monks who keep the Dhamma alive for the coming generations.

Dhamma Literature:

Various books on Buddhism, Buddhist ethics, Meditation and philosophy are available in English, Hindi, Telugu, and Kannada to enable people to understand the art of living.

Pali Telugu Tipitaka project

This esteemed organization has taken up a massive project to translate the entire Theravada Buddhist literature into telugu. These subsidized publications are available at the vihara for sale.




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