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Improving the Quality of Life through Electronics


As I go about my regular day, interacting with multiple people from all walks of life, there is one thing that I notice in common. Almost each and every one of these people have access to a smart phone. Why is that?

The smart phone has revolutionised our lives and lifestyles. It gives us the power of the following:
– Instant Communication across many different media.
– Internet Surfing at the swipe of a finger
– Access to a good quality camera, 24*7.
– Access to entertainment at all times of the day.

These, along with many other factors, are reason enough for each person, be it a child or an adult, to want to own their own smart phones. This got me thinking, there are so many other electronics in the market that can positively affect our life and increase our efficiency and productivity. Lets have a look at a few of those?

Take the Washing Machine. I have spent many hours of my life hand-washing clothes. I personally believe that it is an important skill to have a hold of. But when you have to wash the clothes of an entire household? A washing machine saves so much time and effort for all home makers. In this day and age, it is considered a necessity by many.

A Microwave Oven. Cooking food on a daily basis is a repetitive and tedious task. When someone is expected to cook meals for an entire family every day, you can normally see a trend in the food that is being cooked. Introduce a Microwave Oven to the house, and voila! It opens so many doors to the types and cuisines of food that can be baked at home. Starting from breads to authentic bakes, lasagna’s and baked meat, a Microwave Oven is a great choice for families that are looking for variety. It has the added advantage of being a healthier form of cooking, owing to the fact that lesser oil is used!

Having a small, handy Steam Iron at home also proves to be very beneficial, at least for me. If I’m headed out to work and my shirt is not impeccable (as it should be), I can immediately iron out all the creases to make sure my look is on point. It works wonders for people living a corporate or sales life, and is a great investment for a home.


This being said, we at Zone Adds would like to point you towards one of our favourite electronics vendors, Bajrang Electronics. Located  in Nagaram, they are a privately owned store that deals in all household electronics ranging from fridges, washing machines, TV’s and Sound Systems, to kitchen appliances such as cookers, ovens etc. With attractive EMI schemes, including a 0% interest system, they draw in crowds owing to the quality of the international brands that they sell, as well as the offers in terms of free gifts and scratch cards that they give.

Head over to the Zone Adds Youtube channel to view  their store video, and to the Zone Adds website to view the business details over here.

-Written for Zone Adds,
by Parashuram Chenji.




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